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Financial statements 101: Your business' report card

Grading your business

Financial statements act as a “report card” for financial health, yet many organizations fail to take advantage of this important resource in decision-making. Join AGH’s Jandrea Blumanhourst as she discusses the ways that financial statement analysis can lead to increased productivity and profitability.

What you'll learn

  • Review financial statement and key performance indicator (KPI) basics
  • Understand the financial reporting tools that lead to better decision-making
  • Learn how to make better business decisions based on financial information and tools

Who should watch

  • Business owners and leadership
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Accounting professionals

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Better understand your financial statements.

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Connect with Jandrea

Jandrea Blumanhourst
Senior Manager,
Outsourcing Services

Jandrea serves as a financial and accounting consultant for AGH's outsourcing services group. She helps clients with a broad range of accounting and consulting services including monthly financial close-out, assistance during peak workloads or special projects, training new accounting personnel, internal control reviews and assistance with departmentalizing financials and cost allocations.

Prior to joining AGH, she worked in private industry positions where she was responsible for monthly financial statements, payroll, management reports, development of internal control procedures and monthly closing procedures.