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Exit strategies for business owners: Passing on your legacy to family or employees

Preserve your legacy

Your business’ ownership will transition one way or another someday. It’s to your benefit to plan that succession long before it takes place. If you’re considering a transition to the next generation of a family business or to a small group of internal leaders, your transition will be different from outright sale to another company. We’ll outline a process to help business owners set up the next owners for success in financing, transitioning and operating your business. This webinar series is an overview of the process corporate finance professionals use to navigate business ownership change transactions. Because your business is unique, each process is unique. The second of this two-part series focuses primarily on business transitions for family-owned or closely held ownership changes; a previous AGH University webinar focuses on considerations for companies contemplating sale to unrelated parties.

What you'll learn

  • Evaluate structure types and techniques beneficial to tax-efficient business transitions for family-owned and closely held companies.
  • Outline a process of business transition from initial information-gathering to successful ownership change.
  • Learn the key considerations for both preparation of both exiting owner and owner-to-be.
  • Understand the critical role long-term planning for these transitions plays in their success.
  • Understand the potential role of private equity in these types of transactions.

Who should watch

  • Owners interested in passing their business along to family or employees
  • Next generation family members interested in acquiring the family business

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Connect with Cathy

Cathy Mitchell
Senior Vice President,
Business Valuation Services

Cathy provides valuation and tax services as well as estate and gift tax consulting, primarily to closely held and family-owned businesses. She has completed extensive training in business valuation, including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants accreditation in business valuation (ABV) credential.

Prior to joining AGH, Cathy was a member of an international CPA firm before developing her own tax preparation and business consulting firm, which she ran for 14 years. She received her bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Kansas and earned the Elijah Watts Sells award for earning one of the top 10 scores nationwide on the CPA exam.