NASBA Terms & Conditions

Registration Policies

Due to the different expenses incurred by group-live and group-internet-based educational sessions, registration policies differ slightly.

For group-internet-based program, registration is required but can be completed right up to the time the program begins.

For group-live programs, registration is required and will carry a deadline beyond which we cannot guarantee any further registrants would receive the full complement of benefits planned for registered attendees – for example, due to space and catering reservation deadlines, late registrants may not be guaranteed meals or even seating within the seminar location. If late registrants are willing to accept these constraints, the CPE program sponsor decides whether they can be accommodated, and provides that information to the late registrants as soon as possible.

Proctoring for Multiple Attendees at One Site

For group-internet-based programs for which more than one individual is seeking CPE credit per login site (for example, one site but three people are registering and paying [if a fee is required], at least one person at the site will be required to download a proctor form (made available upon registration), have all individuals seeking CPE credit sign in on the proctor form, sign the form documenting that all individuals listed were present during the program, then scan and email the proctor form to CPE program administrative professional Mike Ditch via email to issue CPE credit.

CPE Refund Policy

If the program is offered at no cost, no refund policy is applicable.

If a charge is required to attend the program, AGHU will offer a refund to anyone who contacts the CPE program administrator to request one before the session begins in the case of a webinar, or who contacts us at least 24 hours before a group-live session begins.

Cancellation of Programs

If a program is cancelled, AGHU will make every effort to notify those who are registered to attend, as early as possible. AGHU’s registration process requires an email and phone number to be provided, so we will contact all participants by email with “email read” receipt requested, and asking that each person reply to confirm they received the cancellation. We would also follow up by phone with those who do not respond to notify us that they received the cancellation message.

If the decision to cancel is made within 1 business day of the original program date, we will attempt to contact participants by both email and phone immediately, without waiting for email replies.

If AGHU cancels an event for which a fee has been paid, a full refund will be provided to all registered, unless the event is cancelled for reasons outside our control, such as natural disasters, severe weather, war, or labor or governmental actions.

Complaint Resolution

Complaints or comments regarding CPE programs should be directed to AGH CPE program administrator Mike Ditch via email or 316.291.4114 Mike will work with the participant(s) to respond to any concerns and try to resolve them to the satisfaction of the participant and AGHU. Remedies to participant complaints or concerns are limited to a refund of any fees paid to register for the program.

Administrative Contact

For questions regarding administrative policies related to CPE programs, such as refunds or complaints, please contact Mike Ditch, CPE program administrator, 316.291.4114 or via email.

CPE Credit for CPAs

AGHU’s webinars are approved by NASBA for continuing education credit for CPAs, but each CPA’s individual State Board of Accountancy makes the final determination on accepting CPE credits.